Drive in the direction you choose

What it's like to drive a Yellow Cab...

We service your driving needs so that you can focus on maximizing your earnings and developing your business.

When you lease your taxi from Yellow Cab you’re getting a vehicle that is :

Fully maintained, commercially insured, and licensed to access red transit lanes and otherwise restricted left turns.

Open to all possible sources of rides and revenue so you can operate your own independent business. Supported by people you can see and interact with.

Leases to fit your lifestyle...

12-hour and 24-hour lease

• No long term commitment. Work when you want.
• Great for drivers who want to work a flexible schedule.

Weekly lease

• Lease one of our cabs for a week at a time. Take the cab home.
• Great for drivers committed to driving but can’t or don’t want to invest in a car.

Medallion lease

• Invest in your own cab just lease the medallion.
• This lease minimizes your costs so you can take home the most money.

ALL the rides...

Street flagdowns

The classic way to get a cab, San Francisco is a great taxi town. Approximately half of our rides come off the street.

SFO curbside

The taxi stands at SFO are conveniently located just across the street from baggage claim. Easier than searching for a distant TNC lot.

Cab stands

Whether at hotels, transportation hubs, tourist sites, or venues, only taxis can queue at these curbs where passengers know they can get a ride.

App and web rides

Our YoTaxi app and our web booking system allow customers a variety of modern options to quote prices and book rides, driving more business to drivers.

YCSF + Uber partnership

Our recent partnership with Uber gives drivers all the benefits of driving a taxi plus the ride volume and, at times, the surge pricing of Uber X.

Paratransit and wheelchair
accessible vehicles

Yellow cab drivers service the most paratansit rides in San Francisco. We also work with the largest number of WAVs and drivers.

Drivers who choose this work are passionate and dedicated to helping the paratransit and wheelchair community. As a reward for their commitment the city rewards WAV drivers with extra rides at SFO and pick up bonuses of $10 per wheelchair ride.

We offer paratransit training…

Enroll in our licensing program to operate WAVs. We can assist with the purchase of these vehicles for interested drivers.