Simplify your billing and make travel safe and convenient with a charge account.

 Yellow Cab has more cabs on the streets of San Francisco. When you call, the GPS based dispatching system locates and sends your order to the taxicab nearest to you.

Yellow Travel Card

The highest control, most flexibility and convenience

Distribute to your employees, clients and guests. At the end of the ride the driver swipes passenger’s card. No need for cash or change, no concerns about misplacing a receipt. On our secure web site you can set up each card as needed. Activate or deactivate the card, set maximum that can be spent on the card, assign a number of trips that can be taken on the card and set a maximum dollar amount that can be charged for any trip.  The driver can enter a billing code that you have designated for the purpose of the trip.

To open an account to please contact Fee @ 415-593-9226


Corporate ONE TRIP Yellow Travel Card

For holiday parties, any other events or random trips use ONE TRIP Yellow Travel Cards.

 At the end of the billing cycle you receive an invoice. All trip details and invoices are available for review and download at our web site. To open an account to please contact Mannix @ 415-593-9251.


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