Tired of Lying to your Insurance Company?

If you are the kind of driver that doesn’t like lying to your insurance company or taking the associated risks, we want to talk to you.

We offer a better insurance solution for drivers at Yellow Cab. The drivers who lease our vehicles are insured up to One Million dollars anytime they are in a taxi. With or without a passenger, when they’re looking for their next fare and even when they’re not… it’s all insured at no additional cost to the driver. There’s no financial incentive to break the law and hide your driving from your personal insurance company.

You should know that most Ride-Hailing drivers lack proper insurance. The survey here suggests about 77% and the poll here suggests about 90% of Ride Hailing drivers don’t have GAP insurance which became available to TNC drivers in California over a year ago. They lie to their personal insurance carriers to hide their Ride-Hailing driving.

When asked why, TNC drivers say:

  • Insurance is too expensive considering how little they make
  • The TNC’s send them orders anyway, so it’s not necessary
  • Everyone else is doing it

“If your car is your money maker, and an accident isn’t covered, you lose both your money and your ability to make it back,” Campbell says. “It’s a tough position to be in.” Link to article

With Yellow Cab:

1. You’ll have $1 Million dollars of insurance coverage anytime you’re at the wheel of one of our Taxis:

  • while you’re waiting or looking for passengers
  • on your way to pick up a fare
  • or with passengers
  • No Insurance gaps

2. You won’t trash your own car:

  • No wear & tear and depreciation on your vehicle. Drivers are amazed how quickly the miles add up and a car’s value drops
  • No maintenance or repair costs. Ever wonder why so many TNC drivers quit so soon?
  • No downtime for maintenance or repair – We have spare taxis, so you don’t miss work
  • Enjoy hybrid mileage economy with our 99% hybrid fleet
  • No long term commitment that comes with purchasing a vehicle
  • No mileage limit. Once you’ve paid your gate fee, drive as much or little as you want.
  • Stable and predictable rates.
  • Pay only a gate fee, gas, zero on cash fares and less than 5% on credit card fares. You keep the rest.

3. You’ll have full access to the busiest pickup locations. It’s OK to:

  • Drive on Market Street
  • In Bus/Taxi lanes
  • Use Taxi Stands at the Hotels and elsewhere
  • Load and unload in bike lanes

4. You’ll have more ways to make money:

  • Both App & Phone orders
  • Legal Street hails
  • Legally build you own client base with trips for regular customers

This powerful combination of ways to earn money currently adds up to around 15,000 fares daily in our Yellow Cab Taxis.

5. Earn good tips when you give good service, without having to ask for them

6. How safe are you while driving?

We have full-time video monitoring in our Taxis that discourages bad behavior by passengers and can help protect drivers from false accusations. Video is never viewed unless there is an incident.

7. Get paid fast, the day after you drive, 7 days a week.

8. You’ll benefit from actual training that will prepare you make more money.

9. At Yellow you’ll keep more of what you make.

The TNC’s take as much as a 42% cut of the total cost of the ride. Yellow Cab charges you less than 5% on credit card transactions and 0% on cash rides. Read more at this link.


Our current new driver promotions include:

  • Short shifts as low as 5 hours & flexible start times
  • Weekday & Weekend shifts available
  • Gate Fees as low as $70
  • 50% off Gate fees your first week
  • $225 SFMTA new driver fee currently waived

We have room for a few good drivers – signup now…



“I’ve been driving for (a TNC) full time for the last 2 years. Have a consistent 5 star rating. And now I’m interested in driving professionally and going about this a different way.”

~ Anna M. ~


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