Help Desk : Lost & Found

Our goal is to reunite you with your lost item whenever possible, as soon as possible.

We find people get better results when they use the Help Desk form below to report a lost item. You are welcome to call or leave a message, but you’ll be asked the same questions you see on this form.

Drivers turn in lost & found items at the end of their shift, and they then go to our Lost & Found department, so found items are not normally immediately available at our offices.

We are sometimes not able to contact drivers in their Taxis before the end of their shift, but we will attempt if requested. If a driver locates the missing item, you are free to make arrangements to have the item delivered to you at a reasonable cost to be determined by you and the driver. Otherwise, found items can be picked up from our Lost & Found department.

No matter how soon we are contacted, not all items are found, We have many passengers use each Taxi each day and drivers do not search the Taxi after every trip.

Note: There are other SF Cab companies that use Yellow as one of their colors and people regularly mistake their Taxis for one of ours. Unless you are certain it was one of ours we recommend also reporting your lost item to the SFMTA. They can be reached at this link:  SFMTA Taxi Lost & Found

While we go to great efforts to return items to their rightful owners, we cannot be held responsible for items left in our Taxis.

Make sure your item is at Lost & Found before coming to retrieve it.

Our Lost & Found is at 531 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94124

Lost & Found: 415-593-9270