Our Fleet

Ford Escape Hybrid Electric

Hybrid technology can dramatically cut air pollution and reduce our dependence on oil, without compromising safety and performance. While idling at a red light or stopped in traffic, the Escape Hybrids engine shuts down at rest to conserve fuel. When the light turns green or traffic moves forward, Escape Hybrids 70-kilowatt traction motor generator can launch the vehicle on clean electric power. When needed, the generator can smoothly start the gasoline engine in less than 400 milliseconds, without the increased emissions produced in starting up a conventional engine. Escape Hybrid also conserves energy in stop-and-go driving by reclaiming energy during braking to charge tis hybrid storage battery to be used later during acceleration.  

Ford Fusion Hybrid

700 City Miles on a Tank of Gas. Fusion Hybrid has a range of more than 700 miles in the city on a single tank of gas. It is the only vehicle in its class to use 100% earth-friendly yarns, including recycled materials. Fusion Hybrid coaches the driver how to maximize fuel economy.  

Ford Crown Victoria

This full-size, latest year model 4-door sedan offers rear-wheel-drive performance, a smooth, quiet ride plus plenty of room for both luggage and passengers. Crown Victoria continues to keep its reputation for providing exceptional safety and security to its customers, by once again receiving a Five-Star government frontal crash test rating for both the driver and front passengers.


Clean Natural Gas – Ford Crown Victoria

CNG_trunk Operates on alternative fuel, compressed natural gas that burns very cleanly. Natural gas-powered cars are up to 90 percent cleaner than a gasoline-powered car.