Easy Flat Rate Cab to SFO for just $35*

* The fare is $35. If paid with a credit card-on-file an automatic 20% tip is added. Alternately, you can pay with cash or credit card after the ride and tip what you like.

Want a predictable, low cost ride to SFO you can easily book in advance?

We’ve wanted to offer you a Flat Rate Cab to SFO for some time, and now it’s time to give it a try. You’ll enjoy the predictability of knowing exactly what you’ll pay to get to SFO, anytime, 24/7 from anywhere in SF. That moment of wondering “what’s it gonna cost?” is gone.

When you combine this flat fare of just $35 per cab, cash or credit, with the ability to book 364 days in advance, they fit really well together. You’ll also get an email confirmation of your reservation. Nice. No travel plans right now? No problem, let us know you LIKE a Flat Rate to SFO by installing our App. Be sure to tell your friends & co-workers to do the same using the social sharing links below.

Install our App for iOS or Android to show us how much you LIKE this limited time offer…

1. Book now or in advance on YoTaxi or at YellowCabSF.com
2. Use Promo Code “GOSFO”







More about rides from SFO at this link

Using YoTaxi and GoSFO from San Francisco Hotels with Taxi Stands.

Your Taxi assigned number will be displayed on your phone at the top of the Tracking page (the map page). If there is a doorman loading passengers into Taxis, tell him you have a YoTaxi reservation and tell him the Taxi number. He’ll likely assist you in locating your Taxi.

To receive the GoSFO price, you need to get in the Taxi assigned by YoTaxi. You can also use the Cab hailer (the button below the map) to display your assigned Taxi number on your phone to assist in identifying yourself to your driver.

Be aware that that other Taxis will want you to get in their Taxi. If necessary, you can tell them you have a reservation.


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Conditions :
To SFO from SF only, SFO to SF not included
Limited time offer
Offer cannot be combined with any other offer
Book now or in advance using our App, or at YellowCabSF.com
If paid with a credit card on file in YoTaxi an automatic 20% tip added.
No phone orders or street hails
Offer subject to capacity limitations – This promotional price is per Taxi, not per person

Our taxis carry up to 4 passengers plus luggage, depending on the size of each – Multiple stops not allowed
By regulation, the meter must run on every trip –
Price charged will be $35 or the metered price, whichever is lowest