Credit Cards

Yellow Cab was the first San Francisco taxi company to implement credit card processing in the cab. We are now installing an easy to use rear seat payment system. The system currently accepts major credit cards, signature debit cards, and contactless credit cards. In the future the terminals will accept payments from smart phones and new “Chip and PIN” cards. You can also use your Yellow Travel Card. DSCN3352 The rear seat payment system has be certified by the State of California Division of Measurement Standards and adheres to payment security standards and certifications. The system will generate a printed receipt with itemized ride and taxi information from the printer in the cab. Be sure to ask your driver for your system generated receipt for your records in case you lose something or have any questions later. By law (San Francisco Transportation Code, DIVISION II, ARTICLE 1100, SECTION 1122(g), FEES, RATES AND CHARGES) all San Francisco taxicabs must take credit cards. If your driver refuses to honor your request to pay by credit credit card, harasses you about paying with a credit card, or attempts to surcharge your credit credit transaction please do the following:

  • Note the cab number, date, time, and any other relevant information.
  • Fill out a Payment Issue Form on our website.

If your driver refuses to allow you to use the rear seat payment terminal or refuses to process with the swipe attached to the taxi meter and instead offers you a hand held cell phone type credit card swipe, be sure to note the cab number. If these devices are used, Yellow Cab has no way of knowing which cab you were in. In case of lost articles, over charges, fare disputes or providing necessary receipts, we will not be able to help you. If your driver insists you use their private smart phone swipe or a manual card swipe you can refuse and insist that the certified payment system be used.